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Vial liquid filling machine
cap sealing machine, Filling Machine ( Liquids), Filling Machine ( Powders), Labeling Machine

Automatic High Speed Vial Cap Sealing Machine
(Automatic Vial Aluminum Cap Sealer Machine)  ( Four Head Model)

Machine Specification:

  • Output : 80 to 120 Vials ( Bottle) /min (for pharmaceutical companies)
  • Vile size : 2ml to 100ml ( With Change Parts )
vial sealing machine

Feature of Machine :

  • High Speed Aluminum Vial Cap Sealing Machine ( four Head , Six Head & Eight Head Model Available)
  • Easy to operate & Understand
  • Long Life Machine
  • Fully Automatic Machine with Four Sealing Head. A Heavy Duty Quality Machine with Other High Speed Options Available
  • Easy to Change From one Vial Size to Another Vial ( Bottle) Size by changing Star plate & Back Guide
  • Net WT: 450 Kgs Approx
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