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vial liquid filling machine
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Vial Liquid Filling Machine with Rubber Bunging (Plugging) Machine  


We focus in manufacturing and exporting Vial Liquid Filling Machines to cater the high requirements of the patrons. Our a choice of types of Vial Liquid Filling Machine With Rubber Bunging Machine include Vial Liquid Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine.

Vial Liquid Filling Machine is made in satisfying matt finished stainless steel equipment. The basic unit consists of turntable, Stainless Steel Stat conveyor belt, unique eccentric pre-gassing, filling. vastly efficient and accuracy built Stainless Steel 300L Syringes, non- toxic synthetic rubber tubing and easy reach compact panel.

Salient Features :

    • Filling accuracy of ±0.4% to ±1%.
    • Suitable for the filling Volume of 5ml to 200ml.
    • No cross contamination
    • Straightforward to operate filling system for small and large batch production.

Technical Details :

Model : ALVF-100
No of Filling Head : Four
Production Price : 50 to 100 Vials/Minutes
Input design :  
Container Diameter : 15mm to 70mm
Container Height : 25mm to 140mm
Rubber Stopper : 14mm, 25mm & 28mm Butyl with the help of change part
Filling Range : 2ml to 250ml
Filling precision : ±0.5% to ±1%

vial liquid filling machine OUR PRODUCT & MACHINERY
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Vial Liquid Filling Machine With Rubber Bunging Machine
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(Single Head Model)
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