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Vial Powder Filling Machine with Rubber Bunging (Plugging) Machine 


Salient Features :

The Automatic Inject able Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering ( Plugging) Machine, 120 is suitable for round vials with maximum speed of 120 and 240 vials per minute respectively.
Machine construction is in stainless steel finish including frame structure
All contact parts in SS 316 material

  Vial Filling Machine ( Bottle Liquid Filling Machine )
Vial Liquid Filling Machine With Rubber Bunging Machine
  Vial Universal Filling, Bunging & Cap Sealing Machine
   Vial Injectable Powder Filling with Rubber Plugging Machine
  Vial Powder Filling Machine ( Auger Type)
   High Speed Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine
(Four Head Model)
Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine
(Single Head Model)
  Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

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